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    Sydney & Canberra’s choice for professional IT Security Services 

    Biztech has a range of managed IT security services in Sydney & Canberra that provide clients with leading industry managed IT security solutions and the ongoing monitoring and management to ensure that all systems are protected.  As leading IT security consultants, our services have been designed to evaluate the current infrastructure of whole networks and evaluate and report the security risks.  With the experience of 25 years in the industry we are a skilled and experienced team of engineers that can implement security solutions designed to help solve the increasing threats impacting networks of today.

    We will work with you to review your current network infrastructure and security policies in place to determine what is needed to ensure that your company is not risk. 

    • Internal and External Vulnerability Assessment
    • Penetration Testing
    • Wireless, Web Application and Email Threat Analysis
    • Security Architecture Review
    • Firewall Audit
    • Mobile Security

    Internal & External Vulnerability Testing

    biztech internal external data security
    • Examine current security policies and procedures
    • Review current Security vendors and infrastructure
    • Review the Firewall rules and logs
    • Review Web and Email security systems

    Penetration Testing

    • Biztech has a comprehensive   penetration testing procedure based on the best security practices. We examine your organisation to discover the threats that will impact business operations and stop your employees from working.
    • We produce a comprehensive audit and report at the end of this testing and make recommendations on what is needed to ensure your systems are secure so that other attacks do not impact a business.

    Wireless, Web Application and Email Threat Analysis

    biztech wireless web applications
    • Biztech will provide a comprehensive review of the all wireless connectivity in the organisation and confirm the security status to ensure there is no new security threats that will impact the business.
    • We will also review the usage and access employees have to the internet and put in placesecurity policies and new procedures to protect the business from the continual criminal threats.
    • We will review the protection currently in place for spam email and other vulnerabilities and make recommendations on what is needed to ensure the organisation is better protected.

    biztech system security

    Security Architecture Review

    • Biztech will assist organisations to identify the current infrastructure and security platforms in place to determine if there are any significant risks that will impact the business.
    • We will develop policies and guidelines to ensure organisations have a continual and managed process to ensure all systems across the network are up to date and secure.
    • We will establish a series of metrics and testing procedures with our Managed Security services to enable us to monitor all of the systems and get alerts of any security threats.
    • Review Microsoft Patch Management policies and procedures.

    Firewall Audit

    • Biztech will audit the firewall and all of the configuration rules and policies to ensure that the firewall is secure and optimised correctly to secure the business network.
    • Test the VPN remote access to ensure the network is protected.
    • Review the services being used and look for unsafe services being used.
    • Review the policies to ensure all logs are correctly set up
    • Check all administration accounts and passwords to ensure firewall is configured to security best practices.

    Mobile Security

    biztech mobile security
    • Biztech will review all of the mobile devices and smart phones security policies and procedures to ensure they are not putting an organisation network at risk of attack.
    • Review the current usage and determine best security practices to be implemented to maintain the integrity and availability of data and systems.
    • Review the need for Mobile Device Management and monitoring.

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