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    Sydney & Canberra’s choice for professional network installation and support

    Network installation and monitoring

    At Biztech, our team of professionals can integrate and expand existing networks, as well as install new ones, to enhance your business IT system. We also provide a range of services which will allow these networks to be viewed and controlled from one central location, for your utmost convenience.

    Biztech’s partnership with Kaseya enables us to deliver a complete managed service for our customers.  Automation of server remote monitoring, patch and updates deployment means we take a proactive approach to issues before they become major problems.

    Biztech’s Help Desk is our clients’ first port of call.  Following ITIL best practices our Help Desk provides

    • Single point of contact for IT interruptions
    • Computer or software consultations
    • Tracking capabilities for all incoming problems
    • Problem escalation procedures
    • Problem resolution

    On site support in the Sydney and Canberra region is also provided with turnaround times to meet our clients’ requirements.



    Our specialist technicians can install and configure a range of systems, including:

    • desktop systems
    • file and print servers
    • application servers
    • web and internet application servers
    • Microsoft or Linux-based email collaboration systems

      We also install data backup and provide system redundancy solutions, which offer ideal protection for your business. Duplicating critical components means that, in the case of failure, the extra component takes over and your business network keeps running smoothly. At Biztech we aim to improve the performance and bandwidth of your network with our expert installation so that you have best performance every time.


    In addition to installation, we also provide constant monitoring of certain pieces of network equipment to minimise downtime, and increase the efficiency of your business. By continually monitoring your equipment, we can pick up problems as soon as they occur and use our professional skills to resolve any problems.

    Our team install, manage and configure everything including:

    • backups,
    • security updates
    • Windows Event Logs
    • Virus definitions
    • Windows Server, Exchange and SQL system service packs

    By monitoring backups we can check performance, as well as carry out restore tests and disaster recovery procedures if needs be, making sure your system remains in top condition.

    Our clients can also benefit from our SQL services, as we will check maintenance plan logs to ensure all database and transaction logs are being backed up to hard drive.

    Network Design and Installation Services:

    WAN connectivity

    Working with industry experts, we utilise a variety of data communications technologies, such as Frame Relay and High Speed Serial (including fibre) services, to create true ‘Point to Point’ private network solutions which are highly efficient.

    DSL implementations

    The emergence of xDSL technology, from both a reliability and coverage perspective, has allowed this technology to gain widespread acceptance within organisations as a WAN (Wide Area Network) connectivity method. We work with Telco and ISP partners to design and deliver secure Virtual Private Networks. Our skillset at rolling out and monitoring large corporate VPN projects is well documented.

    VPN and firewall design

    Whether the Wide Area Network is delivered by Private Network, or VPN strategies, connection to the web always creates security problems. We have a strong background in working with vendors such as Cisco and Checkpoint, along with our very successful range of customised SonicWALL Firewall products.

    LAN design and installation services

    A company which can implement Wide Area solutions for corporates should have the ability to design and implement the Local Area Network of that organisation, or any client for that matter. The Biztech knowledge base and exposure of LAN design goes back many years and we have kept our knowledge at the leading edge of products and design concepts.

    Wireless project solutions

    Working with leading wireless IP vendors, we have performed a great deal of testing and design of wireless network installations, ranging from internal building layouts, to more widespread campus and distance solutions. Wireless solutions are gaining widespread acceptance as a suitable means of providing 'building to building' LAN deployments.

    SSL VPN Remote Access

    Syncretize have worked with development partners here in Australia to create the Sonicwall SSL VPN RAS appliance. This 'access technology' is becoming increasingly desirable and required in today's extremely mobile workforce. With this appliance, authorised users can access the company data and information, from anywhere in the world (that is on the Internet).

    Web caching, acceleration and content filtering

    Our SonicWALL range of customised web caching, acceleration and content filtering appliances, provides clients with highly secure and functional devices, and noticeable improvements in web performance. Biztech has partnered with Trend Micro to deliver security services that are needed today as a result of the growing threats to the SME market. Trend Micro have a comprehensive and robust service that utilises their cloud services for both email and web protection and stops the threats before they reach your computer.  The added value in blocking spam and URLs with inappropriate websites are two features that reduce the risk and increase the security for business.

    Over 25 years experience

    With over 25 years’ experience in providing IT solutions for clients across Sydney, Canberra and Queanbeyan, when it comes to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your software systems and networks, look no further than Biztech for services you can trust.

    Call us today on (02) 6176 3380 for more information on our network solutions!

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