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  • Over 25 years experience in the IT industry
  • We provide a full range of specialist IT services
  • Highly skilled in delivering a variety of IT solutions

Efficient IT solutions in Sydney & Canberra

Whether you want to improve the performance of your IT system, upgrade it or simply co-ordinate your software for a fully integrated system, managing your technology is key to business success.

To get the most out of your IT, it’s important that you have the most up-to-date systems and security in place. This will not only ensure optimum performance, but expert security will protect your infrastructure from cyber-attacks and harmful viruses which could wreak havoc with your data.

From managing your basic computer network and synchronising systems, to installing the latest and most effective hardware and software, if you want your business to benefit from today’s state-of-the-art technology, it pays to give it some attention.

Unifying business and technology

With over 25 years’ experience in the IT industry, Biztech provides a full range of specialist IT services for customers throughout Sydney and the Canberra region.

Our team of expert consultants are highly skilled in delivering a variety of managed IT services including IT Consulting and Project Management, Software Development, IT for the Enterprise and SMEs. Offering IT systems integration services, our team can link together your computer systems and software so they function as a co-ordinated whole, improving efficiency and effectiveness.

Our computer network services include Infrastructure Planning and Design; Server, Network and Storage Support; Support Desk; Capacity and Utilisation Reporting, IT Security, Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Planning and Cloud Solutions.

Call us today on (02) 6176 3380 for more information on our range of IT solutions!

System integration in Sydney & Canberra

Managed Security Services

Biztech has a range of managed security services that provide clients with leading industry managed security solutions and the ongoing monitoring and management to ensure that all systems are protected.  Our services have been designed to evaluate the current infrastructure of whole network and evaluate and report the security risks.  With the experience of 25 years in the industry we are a skilled and experienced team of engineers that can implement security solutions designed to help solve the increasing threats impacting networks of today.

Managed Cloud Services

Cloud computing has taken off as an incredibly cost-effective and efficient way of organising digital information, by placing databases on the internet ‘cloud’ rather than your physical server.

Private cloud computing provides a flexible, subscription-based model for managed IT infrastructure. Organisations benefit from a secure, scalable-managed environment, and maintain direct access and control of corporate data. Managed private cloud solutions include Firewall Security, Anti-virus, Anti-Spam and Backup and Data Recovery services, reducing the need for onsite software and peripherals and thus reducing operational costs.

At Biztech, we offer a variety of cloud computing solutions including Office 365 and our expert team can advise on which is the best option for your business.

Professional and affordable

Based in Sydney and Canberra, our Biztech professionals can provide a clear and realistic upgrade path to emerging technologies that will keep your organisation on the cutting edge. As a locally owned and operated company, we supply customers with only the best quality products and highest standard of service, and all for very competitive rates.
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